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Intimate portrait photography empowering you to get vulnerable, unveil your sexy, and love yourself more! Body positive, and all inclusive. Based in Southern California, and available for travel!



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"Where will my session take place?"
That's up to you! I've done sessions in client's homes, hotels, outdoors and in studios. I want you to go with what makes you most comfortable, and I can help you make that decision to ensure we get amazing images!
If your home will not work, the right hotel can be a great option for a couple reasons- you don't need to clean up, it's easier to keep it a secret if needed, and it's a build in night out! I also have a handful of different studios available for us to rent around Southern California. We can make the decision together, if you're unsure.

"I've never done anything like this before. Is it normal to feel nervous?"
Okay, I know this isn't a question, but I hear it so much I had to include it! Most people I photograph have never done something like this before, so you're definitely not alone in that! Of course, it is normal to feel nervous! I understand we all have things we wish were different about ourselves, or parts of us we don't love, and part of this experience is letting go of all of that and realizing that you ARE beautiful, and (even if just for a little) learning to love yourself a little (or a lot!) more. I will do my best to make you feel comfortable in front of my camera. We'll just be hanging out, listening to music, sharing some laughs, and creating beautiful images!

"Do I need to get my hair and make-up done professionally?"
While this isn't a requirement, I highly recommend at least a professional make-up job (and some ladies are pros at doing their own make-up!). I can't stress enough that a difference this makes, not only in your final images, but for your entire experience! Hair is easier to handle on your own, but who doesn't enjoy not having to worry about anything?! If needed, I have some great recommendations, and we can even plan to have them come to your session location so everything is done together!
(Please note: this is only applicable if you haven't decided to have a natural session! I have clients who choose to show off their natural beauty, and that is great, too!)


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