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Hi! I’m Jillian, founder of Studio Soprano: a vintage letterpress print shop. I design and print wedding invitations that tell a story. I’m a life long hopeless romantic with a background in high-end architectural design which makes it easy to extract the perfect details from your wedding day and your own love story for a wedding suite that’s unmistakably “you.” In my years of designing resorts and restaurants, I discovered that sometimes things can’t be found, they must be made. So I’ve dedicated my talents to helping couples skip the hours and days of scrolling through every design on the internet and make them wedding stationery of their dreams. I’m here to serve couples of all genders, colors, and backgrounds. I believe all love deserves celebration, and all celebrations deserve very pretty paper. If you’re interested in working together or curious about letterpress, please reach out.



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Q: Why should I choose letterpress?

A:Letterpress is the oldest form of industrialized printing, originating in 1440. While some of the technique has been “modernized” it still remains a true process of craftsmanship. It is also the only print method that provides a debossed (or indented) impression into the paper, providing a luxiourious tactile quality to your invite.


Q: What kind of budget would I need for letterpress?

A: $1,000 is around the minimum price range for 100 suites. The amount of pieces you need (invite, RSVP, detail card etc), the paper thickness, and the amount of colors will all impact the cost of your suite.


Q: Why are letterpress invites more costly than others?

A: Letterpress is a unique process that requires a lot of time, special knowledge/materials and additional labor at each phase of the production. For example, if your design includes 2 colors (let’s say pink and orange) the printswoman must set up the press for one color - pink, run all of the prints, then reset the press for the second color - orange, and repeat the process.

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