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Marjorie Lashmet of 329Events is not only here to help you plan your wedding but was right there with you in 2020 planning her own. After meeting her now husband 7 years ago on Tinder (woot woot Tinder Marriages) the expertise of planning became a personal one. With two postponements and a mini mony in between, Marjorie is now set for their wedding day this year! We sat down with Marjorie to hear more about her love life, work life, and bring you some advice when it comes to wedding planning.

Q: How did your spouse/or you propose?

A: My husband has a hard time surprising me, as either he gets too excited and tells me, or I somehow find out. For my birthday in September, he booked us a trip to Thailand for New Years in December. I’ve always wanted to go, and he actually booked the Hello Kitty branded Eva Air airplane. Never have I ever been so excited for a 14 hour flight. We had priority boarding because I wanted to take photos of all of the cute things before everyone got on. As I finally got settled in and asked him to take a photo of me, he got down and asked me to marry him. I would compare it to the scene in Crazy Rich Asians when she’s on a plane and gets proposed to while everyone’s trying to board. LOL. I was definitely shocked and thinking back, I actually blacked out when he did it.

Q: When did you get married?

A: We had plans to get married in March 2020, but the world had other plans. We were 2 weeks out from our wedding that we’d been planning for over a year (and fully paid for). Being in the event industry for so long and being used to pivoting at the drop of a hat, we understood the circumstances and postponed (twice now). My vendors were understanding and awesome to work with. We ended up getting married on our original wedding date, March 29 (329), which was the same date we became boyfriend/girlfriend back in 2014. Our venue let us come do a safe and socially distant elopement style ceremony with just us and our parents which was incredibly beautiful. Once we postponed, within a matter of DAYS I: bought a $20 wedding dress on Amazon, made a bouquet from flowers at Ralphs, asked my amazing photographer / friend Savannah Rae if she would be open to shooting it, booked our videographer the DAY OF, did my own hair and make up, and got married! We got drive through In-N-Out after to celebrate! My husband has always wanted a small wedding and I’ve wanted a big one, so we get both!

Q: What made you decide to get into the wedding industry? Where were you in the industry prior to your wedding?

A: I’ve been planning events for almost a decade! Prior to the wedding industry I was producing all sorts of events for some of the largest brands and celebrities at iHeartRadio. Concerts, podcasts, VIP parties, influencer content campaigns, weddings, brand marketing activations, etc. I thrived in environments and had a genuine passion for producing events that made my clients happy. I had some experience with weddings through assisting other vendors and helping friends and family bring their details to life. I reached a point in my life where I knew I wanted to launch something of my own, so after evaluating the different avenues, I decided I wanted to launch my own company helping others plan and coordinate their big days! Separate of wedding planning, I also help friends, family, and my couples find their homes as a real estate agent in Southern California!

Q: What's one thing you wish you had known planning your wedding that you know now?

A: Wow - so many things! Wedding planning is an incredibly emotional experience. From the differing opinions, the finances, the endless design options, and the list goes on. Every couple is going through a different planning experience culturally, financially, etc. Weddings require collaboration from many

different people with differing opinions, approaches and styles. As a wedding planner and coordinator, my advice to myself would be to remember that when it gets tough - take a breath, take a break, and approach each punch with a calm and level headed mind. Also, do research on what things cost before trying to allocate your budget to help you stay in it!

Q: We always see brides regretting not hiring your service. Do couples ever reach back out after the initial pass? What would you say to those on the fence when booking with you?

A: I’ve had couples who have said they don’t think they need more than just coordination until they realize they need more help. I start each of my consultations asking couples