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Preserving Your Wedding Day

You often hear that your wedding day will go by quickly. While with the blink of an eye your wedding day may come and go, you're going to want to cherish those moments for a lifetime. Preserving your wedding doesn't stop at photography. There are many things on the day we want to save to look back on. Here are some ideas on how you can preserve your wedding moments to make those wedding day memories last.


Miss to Mrs Journal with pen and florals

Just engaged and starting to plan? Write it down. From the proposal through planning, your wedding diary will be looked back on for years to come. The enjoyable parts, the stressful ones, all things leading up to and even on the wedding day you'll want to write down while still fresh in your mind. What better way to document the experience than through your first hand account?

Another way for a jot down memory--wedding planning love notes. Do a note a day to your partner. Leave them on the fridge, the bathroom mirror, their steering wheel. But be sure to save them all and put together a book to look back on after your wedding.


What's that smell? Well it smells like I'm getting married. Scent is one way to evoke memories. Select a special scent to use for all the wedding things. Dress shopping? Wedding scent. Cake tasting? Wedding scent. Wedding Day? Wedding scent. By you and your partner selecting a specific scent to wear on your wedding journey you'll be able to evoke that memory for years to come. It also makes for a great anniversary gift.


Many opt for the dress in a box. You can DIY your wedding dress preservation (dry clean that beauty first) or go direct to a service. When you purchase your dress be sure to ask the bridal shop if they offer dress preservation. This will save you time after the wedding knowing that your dress already has an appointment to be capsuled. As opposed to the many of us who say we will....and its 7 years later hanging dirty in our closets. SBSN Preferred Dress Shop Fleurish LA offers dress preservation.

SBSN Preferred Alterations Anita's Custom Tailoring transforming a Mother's dress into a robe and tote for the bride to be.


Don't have the space for a box? Contact alterations to transform your dress. Whether it be an alternative outfit you can wear, customized jewelry, a pillow, even a a purse. This is also an option for those looking to incorporate a loved one and use their wedding dress on the day.


A Shadow Box/Frame

This option can include pressed florals, your bouquet or even an added touch of other keepsakes. Your invitations, place settings, a polaroid of you two on the day.


This process has become more and more popular. Your wedding day bouquet can be preserved in unique form. Coasters, candle holders, ring cones, serving trays. While you can go the DIY route. The process does take time, and patience to learn. If you're looking to hire someone to preserve your wedding day florals, be sure to inquire before your wedding.

SBSN Preferred Vendor Artistry by Adonna Bouquet Keepsake Painting

bridal bouquet hand painted

Keepsake Painting

When you're past the preservation time and still want the memory, look no further than a keepsake painting. These paintings are created using a photo of your florals, that means no hard deadline to book and save on shipping your bouquet! They also make great gifts for those who you may want to show extra appreciation for your wedding day and are a family heirloom to last.


Preserve your wedding music on vinyl or tape. This is a more traditional way to preserve your wedding music, but it can be a fun and unique way to remember your special day. You can find vinyl and tape recorders at most electronics stores.

Vinyl record with song lyrics and anniversary wedding date

Frame It

Soundwave? Yes wave. Grab a soundwave and have it printed. Some options include using acrylic, adding the song lyric, even a photo of you two on the day, and get this...will play the actual song!


Vow Books

These just aren't for jotting down and reading on the day. A vow book is a built in keepsake. Double duty for I do. Grab a vow book for you and your partner and get to writing. This is also a sweet way to look back on the amount of edits each vows had.

Your wedding day doesn't have to be over in a blink of an eye. With these options to preserve your wedding day memories, you can win a staring contest with your wedding day!

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