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You found your soulmate and now you're getting married! Of course you want GREAT photos (who doesn't?!), but you hate that awkward 'what the heck am I doing, where do I put my hands' feeling. We get it!

We're here to put you at ease, make you laugh, and most of all make you feel like yourselves. Need help posing? You got it. Need someone to make sure hair isn’t in your face? You got it. Need a cheesy joke to make you laugh? We're on it!

At the end of the day just know that we will be your biggest supporters that go above and beyond to create a fun, stress free photo experience. 


We've been married 17 years and we feel very lucky to be able to work together documenting couples in love. (We also like cake). Being a husband and wife team gives us the advantage of being able to effectively communicate (sometimes telepathically) so that we both deliver amazing photos, but from different angles, and perspectives. 

If you are looking for husband and wife wedding photographers to capture the real moments and the real you, we would love to sit down and chat. Coffee and cupcakes not required... (but lets be honest. they sure sound great!)



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Do you offer Engagement Sessions?

Yes! An engagement session is complimentary with every wedding collection. We also offer them a la carte, as well as a couples and family portrait sessions starting at $500.


How would you describe your photography style?

We consider our style to be true to life and natural. You receive edited photos that reflect the natural gorgeous color of the day. Our ninja-like approach keeps us from being in the way or interrupting important moments. This way, moments happen organically and those real emotions are captured. We want you to have FUN, we want to have fun WITH you, so when you look back on the day you remember not just the photos we took, but how the experience made you feel.

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