Hello! I am Anita Parmar, the fairy godmother who strings your dreams and brings your vision to reality. I am an alteration specialist in bridal and special occasion dresses, custom outfits from your inspo pictures and much much more. I have been sewing since my teens and I am fortunate to pursue my hobby professionally. In the past couple of years I have worked on dresses from various designers and stores. # everybodyneedsafairygodmother



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When do I start my wedding dress alterations?

Three to four months before the wedding is a good time to start.


I plan on losing weight - when should I start the alterations?

My recommendation is speak with me and we can set up the timelines for the alterations.


What do I need for the appointment?

- Shapewear - nude color knee length ones. Every dress style is different and together we can find the one that works best for you and your dress. -Shoes - cute and comfortable pair that will be worn from the time you get ready till the after party. If you do decide to switch to another pair for the reception kindly ensure that the heel height is close to the wedding heels. - Veil and accessories - More for you, the bride, to see and feel the desired wedding look you want. At this stage we sometimes change the length of the veil to be shorter or add some lace ... - Hydrate and eat before the appointment. The first fitting is close to two hours as I pin every process that is required on the dress. Second appointment is generally the day the dream dress goes home with you after you the bride is happy with the work done on the dress and your bride tribe has been taught on how to bustle the dress for the reception.

Love Notes


Love them and leave them, please share your thoughts with us and other couples planning below.

Since the first time I reached out to Anita months ago, in a panic, she has been a God send! My dress needs some REAL TLC, and the second I started talking to her and asking questions she made me feel comfortable that what I needed was doable. She walked me through the process and made sure I had everything I needed to make my appointment run smoothly. Today, I got to meet Anita and had my future mother in law, sister, and one year old nephew in tow and she was so kind and welcoming to us all. She walked me through the alterations needed step by step and I cannot wait to see how my dress turns out! She made us all feel so comfortable.


Couldn't be more grateful with all the people that recommended me Anita She made possible the dress of my dreams. Forever grateful.

Karla C

Wedding Date: August 14, 2021

Anita was the best! She did my dress as well as some extras. My dress turned out perfect as well as some bags I asked to be embroidered. Additionally she helped my turn the shirts from our first date into something special for our wedding! 10/10 I highly recommend

Brittany F

Wedding Date September 11, 2021

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